Friday, February 13, 2015

Dota 2 Spanish Cheat Sheet

For those of you who play in North America, we frequently hear that you have trouble communicating with Spanish players on your team. We don't expect to solve this all at once, but our coach Glacius helped to write this helpful cheat sheet for understanding your Spanish comrades.

Let us know if you have any suggestions in the comments below.

English Spanish
Talking to Supports
Please buy the courier Por favor, compren courier
Please pull creeps now Por favor, pullea los creeps
Buy wards Compren wards
Ward here Wardea aqui
Don't push the lane No pushees la linea
Leading your Team
Go Vamos
Don't Fight No peleen
Push top Pushea top
Push bottom Pushea bot
Push middle Pushea mid
Defend top Defiende top
Farm top Farmea top
Don't give up No se rindan
Finish fast Termine rápido
Let's Rosh Vamos a Roshan
Sorry, that was my fault Perdon, fue mi culpa
Fuck you. Uninstall Dota Tienes unos ojos hermosos

Use of the chat wheel is automatically translated - but if you want to say it over chat:

English Spanish
Well PlayedBien jugado
Good jobBuen trabajo
Get BackBack

For interactions with Peruvians only:

Peruvian Spanish English
Chibolo Dumb kid
Serrano Idiot
Niño rata Rat kid (used to describe kid in cyber cafe)