Sunday, May 24, 2015

Announcing our Sponsorship of Team Leviathan! is proud to announce that today we have entered into a sponsorship agreement with Team Leviathan. We are proud to have a team like Leviathan representing us on the world stage of The International! Tune in May 25th - 28th to watch them advance through American Qualifiers.  

We have been working with Team Leviathan since April and they have proven themselves as top coaches. Check out this review for FlyingZebra from DotaFM's JeMannDota.
I had a two hour coaching session with Michael "FlyingZebra" Stanus-Ghib from Team Leviathan (TL) and can safely say that it has immensely improved my understanding of the game. I had requested some unorthodox coaching since I am an amateur play-by-play caster and knew that Michael was the captain/drafter for TL. Instead of watching me play pubs, we watched replays of professional games, he shared his insight with me in regards to the draft, laning phase, mid game and late game. We then watched a series of drafts where he quized me as to why I believed a hero would be picked up or banned and then provided his insight as to how he would like me to further extrapolate my explanations. Overall the session taught me a lot and has led me to think about the game differently. I'll absolutely be ordering my coaching sessions from him! 
Check out Team Leviathan's coaching profile for more info. Best of luck to Leviathan in the qualifiers!

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