Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Looking to learn from some of Dota's best? These coaches are currently competing in the Manila Majors Regional Qualifiers

Americas Qualifier Direct Invites

Team Freedom
SunBhie - $30/hr
Francis - $20/hr
Team EnemyGG
BananaSlamJamma - $20/hr
FlyingZebra - $17/hr
Team Kingdom
Jenkins - $75/hr
Newsham - $20/hr
Team Shazam
Brax - $75/hr

Open Qualifier Winners

Team Kaipi - Winner of Europe Open Qualifier
Masakary - $23/hr
Team Friendship, Dedication, Love - Winner of Americas Open Qualifiers
StanKing - $30/hr

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Promoting your coaching now allows coaches to configure promotion codes. This article is targeted at coaches and will look at promotion codes and how you can use them to grow your professional Dota 2 coaching business.

If used right, promotion codes are an effective tool which can help you attract new students and keep your existing students coming back for more. You can distribute promotion codes privately to your students or publically whenever you promote your coaching services.

What sort of promotions can I create? 

  • Percentage Based Discounts - Typically the most popular way to offer discounts is percentage based. This can either be small incentive percentages like 5% or 10% off, or larger discounts to drive sales. 
  • Dollar Value Discount - Offers based on a dollar value can be positioned as a credit. In recorded cases, redemption of dollar based offers vs percentage based offers can be as much as 175% greater than percentage based discounts.
  • Promotions that exclusively target new students - To attract new students, create promotions which can only be used when a student makes their first booking with you. 
  • Promotions that drive engagement - Increase engagement from your students by creating promotions which are only valid only if students buy a certain number of hours with you. 

How can I use promotions codes to promote my professional coaching? 

Here are some ideas for how to use promotion codes to grow your coaching business.
  • Include a promotion code offering a discount to first time students when you post on forums about your coaching service. Promotion codes can incite action from readers and convince prospective students to hire you. 
  • Include a promotion code at the bottom of your DotaCoach profile to encourage prospective students reading your profile to take that first step.
  • Drive engagement on your stream by offering discounted coaching on stream. 
  • Build your social media following by offering discounts for following you or subscribing to your content. 
  • Strengthen your relationship with your social media followers by offering exclusive coaching promotions to them. 
  • Contact students who haven't booked with you in a while and use promotion codes to encourage follow-up lessons. 
  • Reward loyal students by offering them a percent discount. 
  • If you increase your price due to high demand, allow old students to book with you at your legacy price by privately giving them a promotion code. 

How do I create promotion codes on

Click on "My Account" in the top hat and then select the "Promotion Codes" tab. Once you create your first promotion, the promotion code will be listed in the "Existing Promotions" - give out this promotion code for students to use.

How do my students use a promotion code?

You can use a promotion code when purchasing lessons with a coach. Enter the promotion code and click 'apply' to redeem the discount. This option will not be present if the coach has no active promotions.

Other Considerations

Here are some restrictions to keep in mind when creating promotion codes.
  • Promotion codes cannot be used to give free lessons. The minimum purchase price for a student using is $4 even after the application of promotion codes.
  • The maximum number of hours purchased in one booking is 10 hours.
  • Only one promotion code can be used per booking.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Smoother Checkout with Credit Cards

Users now have the option to "Remember" their card information whenever they purchase coaching on using a credit card.

For your convenience, future purchases can be completed with a single click.

Your credit card information never touches the servers and is handled entirely through Stripe. This ensures the highest level of security for your private data.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

DotaCoach, MMR, and You!

Solo and Party MMR is now displayed on Coach Profiles

As of today, both the coach's solo and party MMR information is shown on coach profile pages. The number shown is the coach's maximum solo MMR and maximum party MMR that the DotaCoach bot has witnessed (see details below). This update gives students a more detailed and more current insight into each coach's rankings.
Notice both Solo and Team MMR is shown on your profile page
Any time a coach's MMR is displayed on DotaCoach as a single number (example, on the leaderboard) it will be displayed as the higher of the two rankings.

New process for verifying your MMR as a Coach

A DotaCoach admin is no longer necessary for you to update the MMR shown on your profile page. DotaCoach's new MMR bot scans each coach every five hours to take a measurement. To share your MMR with DotaCoach, simply add it to your profile card. You'll need to keep it on your profile card for up to five hours for the bot to detect the change. Once the change is detected, it will update instantly on your profile. You can choose to share either your solo MMR, your party MMR, or both.

Kenn showing his MMR on his profile card

We're watching you! MMR tracking for students

Once a student pays for a lesson with a coach, we will begin to measure their MMR once per day. We will use the student's MMR information in future changes to help the student understand whether coaching has helped them improve; and to show coaches whether their coaching has helped the student. Our end goal is that coaches will be rewarded in our reputation system whenever their students improve.

To opt in for this experience, simply add your MMR information to your profile card. To opt out, contact us @DotaCoachDotOrg or email.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ever coached an amateur team? Volunteer with the Learn Dota 2 League

The newly announced Learn Dota 2 League is a casual Dota 2 League run through the /r/learndota2 subreddit. It is a tournament for players who are new, looking to improve, and interested in participating in organised Dota at their skill level. All teams have an average MMR of under 3k and the maximum individual MMR for a player is 3.5k. The league currently consists of about 450 players with sign-ups closing April 1st. is getting involved in the league to help players get more coaching and to create structured volunteer opportunities for coaches. Our goal is that this league can become a forum for coaches to practice their skills, to gain experience coaching organized teams, to compare the impacts of various coaching methods, and to encourage coaches to help each other improve.

If you're interested in working with a team in the league or just practicing individual coaching with players in the league, please register to coach.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Balance Patch for Reputation System

Our Reputation System for Coaches attempts to measure our confidence in the quality of each coach who creates a profile page on This system is the backbone of our leaderboard and our matchmaker. Since launching last year, we have received a lot of feedback about our reputation system from both students and coaches. This post will explain three changes which we recently made based on this feedback.

How is reputation calculated?

In short, coaches earn or lose reputation whenever Dota Coach receives evidence showing how the coach performed. You can view a full list of reputation events and their associated values here.

This is the overview of the reputation for a top coach.

What is current reputation? Current reputation is the metric used to rank coaches on the leaderboard and used by our matchmaker. Until now, this is the formula we used to calculate a coach’s current reputation. In change #3, a new updated formula is given.

Current Reputation = Reputation from MMR + reputation from students coached within 70 days

We aspire to be an open platform where anybody with the skill and drive to coach professionally can become a top coach. To achieve this, we employ automated, evidence-based, transparent metrics for measuring our confidence in each coach. The current reputation score aims to make it so our leaderboard shows only the best and most active coaches on the site; and that newer coaches still have a chance of making it to the top.

Change #1 - “Coaching Experience” reputation events now factors in the cost of the lesson

Coaches previously received 100 reputation per hour for lessons sold. With this change, they now receive 15 reputation per dollar per hour.  The old system gave an advantage to coaches with low prices and in rare cases coaches lowered their price in order to artificially inflate their reputation.

Impact: We have recalculated reputation for all lessons going back to July, 2015 to reflect the change. This went live on March 2nd. Coaches who have charged less than $6/hr might see a slight decline in their reputation score, but all other coaches should see an increase in overall reputation.

Change #2 - “Current Reputation” value cannot decay below 5,000

Each day at midnight, we calculate the coaches' Current Reputation based on the last 70 days. If the coach doesn’t remain active, their current reputation will appear to “decay.” Extreme levels of decay can move top ranked coaches down to equal ranks with a new coach with zero experience (eg. Kumbomaman has 275 hours coached but less have than 2,000 reputation). Surely this is unfair and the system should have higher confidence in the abilities of these highly experienced coaches.

This change makes it so a coach’s current reputation doesn’t decay until a coach gains more than 5,000 reputation and then it can only decay to a floor of 5,000. Currently, that ranks you 17th on the leaderboard. If you don't see your name on the leaderboard, you have to coach one hour in the last 70 days to be listed (no change there).

Impact: No impact to the top 15 coaches, but a few of the old top coaches have re-appeared in the middle of the leaderboard.

Change #3 - “Current Reputation” uses clearer and more understandable decay window

The algorithm we were using to calculate current reputation is a bit mysterious and chaotic. It has resulted in radical swings of reputation with no transparency into the cause of the swings. The resulting confusion undermines the system.

We are moving to a simpler algorithm which is more stable and more transparent.

Current Reputation = Reputation up to 5,000 + additional reputation earned within 70 days

Example: This coach has a life-time reputation of about 50,000. The first 5,000 reputation is not subject to decay. The reputation after 5,000 has decayed and is not counted in current reputation. The reputation delta shaded yellow represents the coach's "additional reputation earned within 70 days." This coach has a current reputation of about 22,000.

Impact:  This has caused a reshuffling in the top coaches list. Top coaches may see a reduction in their overall reputation. 

Join the Discussion

The factors which make a player into a good coach are varied and complex. Expressing this multi-dimensional concept into a number is hard.  Just as Valve’s MMR system allows them to build technologies like a matchmaker and a leaderboard for Dota, so does the reputation system enable our matchmaker and leaderboard for

Just like players feel that MMR often underrepresents their true skill, our reputation system can leave coaches feeling under-represented. Send us any thoughts or suggestions you have on how this can be improved @DotaCoachDotOrg or at

Future Changes

A good measure of a coach’s quality is how impactful he is on his student’s MMR. We will soon start tracking the MMR for each of a coach’s students to attempt to capture evidence of the coach’s impact.

Current reputation isn’t the only interesting attribute about coaches. We will be adding a new page to capture the all-time great coaches.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Some Matchmaker Statistics for Coaches

A few coaches have been asking me questions about the behaviour of our matchmaker. This post is targeted toward coaches who are already coaching in the matchmaker. If you are interested in coaching in the matchmaker, learn more here.

Matchmaking Activity

Coaches in the matchmaker receive offers to coach students through Steam chat. The information below can help you understand when the matchmaker has historically sent out the most offers. If you are trying to get more offers to coach, you can use it to be online and available to coach at peak times.
  • Peak time of activity in a week is at 1 AM on Saturdays UTC (local time). 
  • Peak time of activity on any given day is at 11pm UTC (local time).
  • Weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) represent over half of all matchmaker activity.
Graph shows a three hour rolling average for the number of coaching offers sent via the matchmaker throughout the week with all times in the UTC timezone. 

Successful Matchmaking

The matchmaker fails to match a student with a coach when the student waits ten minutes or cancels after five minutes. The times in red are the times in the week where we need more coaches online. Overall, the matchmaker fails to match coaches with students about 20% of the time. 

Graph shows percentage of failed matches normalized by hour of the week

Lesson Types

Students can optionally choose to focus their coaching on a specific role or hero. The information below gives an overview of the topics people have historically focused on.
  • Students choose roles more frequently than heroes: Mid (35%), Carry (13%), Support (9%), Offlane (4%)
  • Coaches have been matched for lessons focusing on 51 of the 112 heroes
  • Most popular heroes are Storm Spirit (3%), Invoker (3%),  Kunkka (2%), Bounty Hunter (1.5%), Shadow Fiend (1.5%)
  • The matchmaker fails to match students with a coach more frequently for certain heroes: Spectre (85% failure), Invoker (50% failure), Bounty Hunter (42% failure)

All statistics from August 1st, 2015 to February 1st, 2016.

Coaches who are streaming live!

Hundreds of coaches have created coaching profiles on and many of these have a Twitch channel. Today we are announcing a list of live streams belonging to coaches. The page monitors all of the coaches Twitch channels and updates every 5 minutes to show live streams.

If you are looking for a coach, you can use this to discover coaches, learn about their play style, or improve through educational streams.

If you are willing to coach, you can use this to drive traffic to your stream and appeal to players interested in coaching.

To appear in the list, create a coaching profile and specify your Twitch channel name. Remember to link to your coaching profile from your stream's channel description. As always, please let us know how you think we can improve this!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Announcing Arc Warden Support

Dota Coach now supports Arc Warden lessons and scans for coaches which are on the top 100 Arc Warden players in DotaBuff's hero rankings.

Valve released the Arc Warden hero in December. Apologies for the lag time to Arc Warden enthusiasts. Site development has been on hold after Pajama broke his hand late last year.