Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ever coached an amateur team? Volunteer with the Learn Dota 2 League

The newly announced Learn Dota 2 League is a casual Dota 2 League run through the /r/learndota2 subreddit. It is a tournament for players who are new, looking to improve, and interested in participating in organised Dota at their skill level. All teams have an average MMR of under 3k and the maximum individual MMR for a player is 3.5k. The league currently consists of about 450 players with sign-ups closing April 1st. is getting involved in the league to help players get more coaching and to create structured volunteer opportunities for coaches. Our goal is that this league can become a forum for coaches to practice their skills, to gain experience coaching organized teams, to compare the impacts of various coaching methods, and to encourage coaches to help each other improve.

If you're interested in working with a team in the league or just practicing individual coaching with players in the league, please register to coach.

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