Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Smoother Checkout with Credit Cards

Users now have the option to "Remember" their card information whenever they purchase coaching on using a credit card.

For your convenience, future purchases can be completed with a single click.

Your credit card information never touches the servers and is handled entirely through Stripe. This ensures the highest level of security for your private data.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

DotaCoach, MMR, and You!

Solo and Party MMR is now displayed on Coach Profiles

As of today, both the coach's solo and party MMR information is shown on coach profile pages. The number shown is the coach's maximum solo MMR and maximum party MMR that the DotaCoach bot has witnessed (see details below). This update gives students a more detailed and more current insight into each coach's rankings.
Notice both Solo and Team MMR is shown on your profile page
Any time a coach's MMR is displayed on DotaCoach as a single number (example, on the leaderboard) it will be displayed as the higher of the two rankings.

New process for verifying your MMR as a Coach

A DotaCoach admin is no longer necessary for you to update the MMR shown on your profile page. DotaCoach's new MMR bot scans each coach every five hours to take a measurement. To share your MMR with DotaCoach, simply add it to your profile card. You'll need to keep it on your profile card for up to five hours for the bot to detect the change. Once the change is detected, it will update instantly on your profile. You can choose to share either your solo MMR, your party MMR, or both.

Kenn showing his MMR on his profile card

We're watching you! MMR tracking for students

Once a student pays for a lesson with a coach, we will begin to measure their MMR once per day. We will use the student's MMR information in future changes to help the student understand whether coaching has helped them improve; and to show coaches whether their coaching has helped the student. Our end goal is that coaches will be rewarded in our reputation system whenever their students improve.

To opt in for this experience, simply add your MMR information to your profile card. To opt out, contact us @DotaCoachDotOrg or email.