Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Looking to learn from some of Dota's best? These coaches are currently competing in the Manila Majors Regional Qualifiers

Americas Qualifier Direct Invites

Team Freedom
SunBhie - $30/hr
Francis - $20/hr
Team EnemyGG
BananaSlamJamma - $20/hr
FlyingZebra - $17/hr
Team Kingdom
Jenkins - $75/hr
Newsham - $20/hr
Team Shazam
Brax - $75/hr

Open Qualifier Winners

Team Kaipi - Winner of Europe Open Qualifier
Masakary - $23/hr
Team Friendship, Dedication, Love - Winner of Americas Open Qualifiers
StanKing - $30/hr

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  1. Yeah, don't hear about any of these lads except Jenkins, but it seems like a nice deal) Actually, don't sure that it would be necessary for me to take lessons in Dota, because I'm quite average player and don't count on taking part in some Majors or something in the future, but it's pretty interesting. Now I'm in my attempts to boost my skill growth by taking advantages from skins buy via the different platforms. I have already purchased some rare skins for Lina and it seems like a gamechanger for me! Who knows, maybe me would be in the list like this later :D